Building a future service for cities

BEE – Building Energy Efficiency – is a consortium consisting of Eeneman Oy, a smart energy company, Unetiq GmbH, a sustainable Artificial Intelligence agency and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. We aim to help cities in their journey towards carbon neutrality by managing energy usage in buildings.

Inefficient control of heating and ventilation system and a fluctuating energy use, that is not synchronized with the energy grid, make buildings one of the largest carbon emitters. Our AI-based solution connects a building with its environment by combining data from the building, the energy grid and weather data, to optimize the control of ventilation, heating and cooling and to shift energy intensive tasks, like water heating or EV charging, to times when more renewable energy is available.

Our concept optimizes energy usage and also synchronizes the usage with the energy grid. Deriving a next day forecast for the energy grid we can execute energy intensive tasks when renewable energy is available.

BEE also offers an innovative business model based on a service fee in combination with a revenue-sharing model and a Virtual Power Plant (FCR-N) service.

BEE can estimate building occupancy based on the CO2 levels, while protecting the personal privacy of building residents

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871914.