About Us

Eeneman provides AI-based means to manage and track energy consumption and environmental measures in buildings

What we do

Eeneman is an energy management service provider for building owners. Eeneman service offers energy efficiency, lower carbon footprint and cost savings. Owners can have additional revenue stream from demand-response.
You can have additional layer of controls on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and AirConditioning) with BEE solution by using control elements such as electricity spot price, weather forecast, indoor air quality or scheduling.

Key Capabilities


Controlling HVAC by creating a smart control layer on top of Building management system


All data visualized on reporting platform

Sensor and metering

Wireless or BMS based sensors. Capability to read existing meter values or add main / sub meters


Flexible web / mobile based form for users

Cloud based

Built on AWS platform, excellent scalability, security and integration capabilities


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